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«Как научиться готовить. Традиционные рецепты на каждый день (+ видео)
А. Азаров, 2014

Почему «талерка», а не «тарелка»?
По-белорусски «талерка», по-чешски talíř, по-датски и норвежски tallerken — возможное заимствование в русском языке из польского, где польское talerz, в свою очередь, по мнению М. Фасмера, восходит к латинскому taliare (резать). Как считает Н. Шанский, первоначально талеркой называли отрезанный кусок доски (для пищи). Таким образом выходит, что случилась метатеза, перемещение звуков при заимствовании слова из другого языка. Ещё 300 лет назад в русском языке использовалось слово «талерка».

Андрей Азаров, профессиональный дизайнер, кулинар-любитель. Является автором этого проекта и первого в России кулинарного приложения с видеорецептами ТАЛЕРКА.


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Dedicated to friends and colleagues

In 1995, when I first learnt about internet, I got an idea of a culinary master class, or project TALERKA: to collect all known traditional recipes together, not just other people's texts and pictures, but to do everything by yourself. To learn how to cook properly and tasty, and to present the learning process and the best results in internet. Back then, nearly 20 years ago, I could not imagine shooting video recipes not on film, but digitally in HD and at the specially refurbished kitchen in Moscow (thanks to IKEA). Moreover, I could not imagine that this app for iPhone and iPad (and mobile on Android), released in 2012, will be the first cooking app with video recipes in Russia. Apparently there had been none in Russian before January 3, 2012. Now there is one, congratulations to us all!

As the author of TALERKA, I write recipes, comment on them, and shoot videos myself. Before this, I study books, culinary communities, and videos in internet, collecting secrets and nuances of traditional cuisine of different countries. When I see a recipe unknown to me, I try to find out more about it investigating its original name, determining its geographical and culinary characteristics. Then, I search for the correct description of the recipe and cooking techniques, talk to the natives of this culinary tradition, and only then cook the recipe myself. All that I show in my videos is the real authentic food, cooked during filming.

Please write to me regarding what needs to be corrected or improved in not so perfect recipes. I would be grateful for your advice. Like any other human, I can be wrong but, unlike authors of traditional books, I have an opportunity to fix what needs to be fixed. Usually, I would rewrite the recipe and reshoot the video, but if I did not have time to do it before you view it, do not judge me.

Get inspired and inspire! Write letters, invite for a visit.

Good luck to us,

Andrey Azarov
Designer, cook enthusiast, author of the project

Inga, his muse, wife and co-author
Misha, their little daughter

Kostia, their big son